Painting with your heart

A little flashback


Few people know it, but as a kid I used to attend a painting school. Well, it kind of goes together: painting, photography… All the visual stuff. We used to spend hours painting a flower pot installed on a carefully draped podium and the teacher would walk among us telling one to add a few strokes here and erase a few lines there. I still think something wasn’t right with that. I like a phrase I read somewhere, ‘It’s your heart that paints, not your hand.’ And what we really need to learn is how to paint with our hearts first. Instead of trying to depict everything as it is, down to the last detail, you should ask yourself how you personally see it. A work of art should focus on the inner world of the artist rather than the one that surrounds them. This is the only way to get the viewers feel the same.


See this world differently!


I believe I have a gift of recognizing those ‘heart painters’ among the rest. And today I want to tell you about one of them. His name is Leonid Afremov. He isn’t very promoted, although after doing some internet research I would say he is quite famous. What he paints is nothing extraordinary. He doesn’t try to strike you with some revolutionary ideas or images like it’s dictated by today’s trends. No, his art is the art of common things. Common and dear. He is a painter of rainy parks, misty nights and autumn squares. And the way he does it makes your eyes open a bit wider and your own heart beat a little faster. Speaking about, I was particularly impressed by a canvas called ‘Misty Night’ (a link to it on the website). Just try to feel this bewitching aura!


– The rain has almost stopped and everything sparkles in the lantern light.

– The alley looks like a shining river!

– The trees are silent and mysterious, their black branches form a living, breathing web over your head.

– You walk through the park, surrounded by this colorful magic, and can’t believe that it’s for real!


Wonderful, isn’t it? I’m amazed by Leonid Afremov’s style and choice of colors! It requires a great talent and a very subtle perception of the world to take a common scene like that and turn it into a fairy tale. I hope the art of this person spreads into every corner of the planet inspiring people to paint, live and be happy!


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